Monday, September 26, 2005


This month will be over very soon and still no news from all of those literary magazine submissions that I have floating around out there. Unless I receive some news between now and Saturday, I think I will have to stick to the plan that I’ve been turning over in my head and send out some more submissions on October 3rd. This will be the last window of opportunity to send something out and possibly hear back before 2006 begins.

I’ve been obsessed with the last line of my villanelle. I’ve probably spent three and a half hours over the course of five days trying to come up with the best last line. I think that I’ve just about got it, but I’m not 100% content with the scansion of the last line. I feel like it skips just a bit sound wise, but I do like the sense of the line. I’ll probably include the villanelle if I send out poems on October 3rd.


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