Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Given the Slip, Twice & My Sarah Jessica Parker Dream

I checked the mail after work yesterday and got the one-two rejection punch. I could tell right away that one of the envelopes was a rejection. The other was deceptively heavy. It turns out it contained my cover letter along with a heavy card stock rejection slip. Oh well. I updated my submission records in Excel last night, and I counted up thirteen submissions still circulating out there.

This morning I dreamed that I was in a bedroom near a window with Venetian blinds. I was trying to rig up something in the corner of the room to catch any rain that was coming through the ceiling. I kept brushing the Venetian blinds with my elbow while I worked. At one point I had a Dell power cord and transformer that I was trying to rig up above my head. I remember thinking that I had to be careful, or I might be electrocuted. I then looked outside the window and saw Sarah Jessica Parker about thirty feet from my building. She was in the ocean surf with just her smiling head visible. When the surf receded I could see that she was in a form-fitting black wet suit with her legs flat on the sand. She was sitting up and still smiling at me. In the context of the dream she was my girlfriend. I don’t have a thing for Sarah Jessica Parker, so I am at a loss as to what this dream might be about.


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