Thursday, December 01, 2005

To Do List

  • Catch up with lower priority work after the December 1st deadline
  • Update work web site
  • Begin November month end review
  • Do some online Christmas shopping for parents and one of my sisters
  • Finish Christmas shopping for my wife
  • Buy a skateboarding T-shirt, hat, or sweat band for my nephew
  • Figure out what to get for my aunt and uncle and my parents’ visiting friends (haven’t a clue)
  • Resume learning conversational Italian for my trip to Rome
  • Start working on a CV as part of my application for an artist colony
  • Write a letter to my MFA thesis director asking if he would be willing to read some of my recent work and write a recommendation letter as part of my application package for the artist colony
  • Continue working on my sestina (it may turn out to be an exercise poem)
  • Continue revising in groups some of my older poems
  • Update my Excel submission records to record my two most recent rejections (received one yesterday saying they would have published “The Necessity of Color” if the South Dakota Review had not beaten them to it)
  • Pay bills that are due in the next seven days
  • Go to Alderman Library next week to return my probably overdue poetry books and get two more on my list
  • Add links to my blog


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