Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I liked my wife’s iPod Nano so much that I bought myself one a couple of weeks ago. The genius in the design comes from the simplicity of navigation and having a small view screen to see your songs, playlists, albums, artists, etc. and find what you want to hear pretty quickly. I have almost 400 songs on my Nano already. Yesterday I bought some songs from iTunes for the first time.

Using Netflix I’m alternating between watching Star Trek Voyager season 5 and Kung Fu season 2. I love watching TV series shows without commercials. It occurred to me yesterday that watching a Voyager episode is like eating a favorite chocolate while watching a Kung Fu episode is like eating a meal. The Kung Fu episodes take more time to digest and resonate longer.

Rome on HBO is still holding my attention. I’ll be curious to see if the gods punish Lucius severely.

I took a day off from work yesterday and did absolutely nothing productive.

In other news, I received a rejection yesterday from Willow Springs. This weekend I’ll start sending out submissions.


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