Friday, December 02, 2005

Stray Thoughts and Last Night’s Odd Dream

Let’s see if I can get back in the habit of blogging regularly now that work has calmed down.

A few weeks ago I saw the movie Saw II. Like the first Saw movie, this movie had very graphic and disturbing violence among heaps of squalor and ugliness. The first movie was much more interesting; I would rent the second movie if you have any desire to see it. It is interesting to think about the premise question of the Saw movies: What are you willing to do to stay alive? The answers can be disturbing, which I think is the philosophical point of the movies.

A quote that I like:

“Your dreams are your dreams because they’re your destiny.”

Speaking of dreams (at least the kind you have when you are asleep):

I dreamed last night that I was an enlisted man in the Air Force and Maguiver (sp?) was my commanding officer (a colonel). I was in Cuba walking around an airport in my Air Force uniform. My orders were to indicate my interest in defecting to Cuba. I walked up to a ticket counter and told the group of women there something implying that I might be interesting in defecting. One of the women made a phone call, explained the situation very quickly in Spanish, then listened and nodded. After she hung up, she printed out and gave me a receipt showing that I owed 153 Cuban Pesos, which I knew in the dream exchanged into $53. Confused, I walked around the airport holding the receipt. I decided to sit down and people watch for a while. After a few seconds I suddenly had in my hands a partially thawed microwave dinner, still in the box. An old woman came up to me and started calling me a thief in Spanish. Apparently, I had stolen the microwave dinner, or she thought I had.

How’s that for an odd dream?!


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