Thursday, May 25, 2006

Poetry I’m Reading These Days

Dynamite on a China Plate by Jay Leeming: A quirky debut book with a mix of surreal, humorous, and serious free verse poems as well as some prose poems. Imagery is very important to this poet. Some of the poems are about family, romantic interests, and music. The best poems in the collection have an odd perspective on the world, or the material is presented in an odd or original way. Review. About the poet and how to purchase his book.

So It Goes by Eamon Grennan: Just started reading this book by an Irish poet living in the United States and teaching at Vassar College. I am very drawn to his work. I see similarities to my poems in how they have a dense quality, and I feel a kinship with the poet’s tone and perspective on the world. I very much admire his lyrical strengths and would like to write more like him in this respect.


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