Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Submissions Mailed

I just mailed eleven submissions to some of my favorite literary magazines. It should be at least two months before I hear back from any of them. I wish I had stock in the USPS. I bet I spent at least $40 last year on submission postage (to include SASE postage), and I have to buy stamps for bills and other needs about every three weeks. Then there is Christmas and mailing packages to family.

It’s almost a hobby to sent out submissions and then track the responses in Excel and look at the trends and patterns. One of these days I’ll post on my blog my submission statistics (which are abysmal as far as acceptances go).


At 8:32 AM, Blogger Justin Evans said...

Good luck with those submissions.

I have about 8 out now whaich are either overdue, or just now coming due. I will share my news if you share yours. You should look up Jeffrey Bahr's personal pages where he documents submission acceptance/ time/ rejection rates with quite a few (easily over 200) print journals.


At 1:10 PM, Blogger Gerald Huml said...

Thanks, Justin. Good luck with your submissions as well. I'll gladly trade news with you.

Thanks for Jeffrey Bahr's pages. There's some interesting stuff there. I looked at


in particular and found that I am submitting mostly to 4's and 3's in the How Tough column with this batch of submissions.


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