Sunday, February 05, 2006

Some Movement on My New Poem

This morning I wrote six and a half lines on the new poem I’ve been struggling with. I feel pretty good about the first three lines. They are probably keepers. I am less certain about the rest of what I wrote. I’ll wait a day or two and see what I think then.

I also worked on revising a long five-section poem that was part of my MFA thesis. I may delete section four of the poem entirely, or I may keep it. I’m also trying to decide if I should stick to one stanza for each of the five sections or break each section into two or three stanzas. There are some logical stanza breaks in the sections, but I think the one stanza per section may still work.


I’m not a fool. I know in daily life people don’t go around saying a rose is a rose is a rose, but in that line the rose is red for the first time in English poetry in one hundred years.

--Gertrude Stein


I need to get some lunch then drag my butt to the gym. It can’t be a long workout because I’m planning to go with my wife to a Super Bowl party later today, and I’ll need time to drive home and get cleaned up from exercising. I’m not a football kind of guy, but I’m rooting for the Seahawks.


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