Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I dreamed this morning that I was traveling alone in Berlin, Germany. The city’s metro system was out of service, so I was forced to take the bus from the airport. This unanticipated change made it very difficult for me to know where I was going. My ultimate destination on this trip was Italy, and I was only going to be in Germany for about two days. Hence, I had not brushed up on my German prior to the trip, only my Italian. I was having a great deal of difficulty reading the bus route signs and speaking German. I kept hoping on the bus ride that I would see a part of Berlin that I was familiar with so that I could get my bearings, but the bus was taking its passengers far into the suburbs of Berlin. I ended up going to the end of the bus route and coming all the way back to the airport. Somehow I got to my hotel and was sitting in the lobby talking with some English travelers. Female members of the Germany military were wearing camouflage uniforms and milling about in the lobby.

The dream changed, and now my wife was traveling with me. She went down this grassy hill to do some shopping in the stores by a train station. I wasn’t able to find her, so I was slowly driving our rental car up and down the streets and over the grassy hill looking for her.


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