Friday, October 07, 2005

The Rolling Stones – Part 2

Well, someone called in a bomb threat during the concert while the Stones were on stage, and this stopped the show for about 45 minutes. The local paper says about a third of the stadium was cleared out while bomb sniffing dogs searched the stands and stage. The show went on after that. There are also reports that traffic was a nightmare last night. People were sitting on I-64 for over an hour trying to get off the interstate and head towards the stadium. I wonder if all of this will put a damper on future big name talent coming to Charlottesville. They will definitely need to do something about the traffic flow if they have a future concert like this. My theory is that some disgruntled person sitting in traffic got pissed off that they were missing the concert and called in a bomb threat out of revenge or to halt the concert so that they could have some extra time to get there.

I’m contemplating sending out some more submissions on Monday. This batch would be a different set of poems than what I sent out on October 3rd. By now the October 3rd submissions should have reached their destinations.

I had a dream a few nights ago about the federal government putting something in the water to make cats act like they have rabies. Our two cats were impacted, and they were in very hateful moods, trying to scratch us whenever we came near them to try and take them to the vet. They also started running around the house at full gallop. In the dream this started happening around the country and caused distraction and then later chaos.


At 11:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jerry

I love your paragraph about the cat dream. It seems like the beginning of a prose poem to me.



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