Thursday, March 16, 2006

We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, but of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry.

--William Butler Yeats


Recently I’ve received some compliments about my job performance, and a promotion is in the works for me. I was thinking yesterday how I am doing much better at my regular job versus my poetry endeavors. I was thinking that I am a businessperson who writes poetry rather and a poet who works in business. I talked to my wife a little about this. She pointed out that if I devoted as much time to poetry as I do my regular job that I would probably be met with different results. Hmmm….. This makes me think that I should structure my life so that I do more writing and reading of poetry.

I typically get a poem or two out of big vacation trips, particularly if they are overseas. Nothing on this trip absolutely stands out as a poem opportunity. Perhaps it would be nice to try writing a poem about visiting the room where Keats died and seeing a lock of his hair.

I’ve noticed that when I expect to get something in the mail regarding poetry it rarely shows up. It always seems that when I least expect to get some poetry news that it shows up.


At 9:14 AM, Blogger Justin Evans said...

Write a meta poem---some ars poetica.

I am particularly fond of the form, but maybe you should write a poem about how Rome has yet to inspire a poem for you.

At 1:21 PM, Blogger Stephanie King said...

I've hit that poem writing wall recently...

I find that it helps to write through the frustration. I will start with something like "Why is it so hard to write about the..." and then go on from there. Of course, in revision, I take out a majority of that 'get going' language.

Anyway... I find poetry responses the same way... they always come when I least expect them.

By the way, I would love to see some pictures of your trip!

At 11:23 AM, Blogger Julie said...

I think that's what might happen to me--I'll be a rhetoric professor who writes poetry instead of a poet who is a rhetoric professor. Or I'll just have a straight job and write poetry.

I'm getting so frustrated with grading that the working world seems beauteous to me. I'd love to get a job working in your management has always interested me (weird, I know) and I feel like I might be able to make a difference there, seeing as how crazy HMOs are.


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