Sunday, February 26, 2006

At Work (Again)

I’m finishing my lunch and checking out people’s blogs. I need to stay at work probably three plus hours before I head home. I’d like to fit in a visit to the gym before they close, but that’s probably being optimistic at this point.

I had a really productive morning writing. I wrote for almost five hours! I knocked out two stanzas on a new poem, and I made some really good progress on a revision. I love that feeling of absorbed concentration when you can tune out distractions and time flies by.

I’m wondering if I need to ramp up the amount of time during the week that I spend writing or revising. February will be over soon, and I don’t feel like I am where I need to be on trying to get a book together. I experimented before with getting up early before work and writing for an hour or so before heading off to work. That didn’t last very long. I might have more success if I try doing it every other day.


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