Monday, March 20, 2006

No Sunday Morning Writing

I didn’t do any writing yesterday like I normally do on Sunday mornings. I’ve been behind on my sleep ever since I returned from Rome, so I elected to stay home and sleep in yesterday. I plan to do some writing after work today to make up in part for not writing yesterday.

I keep expecting to hear some news from the artist colony I applied to or receive some acceptance/rejection news. I’m supposed to learn the artist colony decision by the end of the month. The academic year will be coming to a close next month, so I guess I should receive some acceptance/rejection news for sure next month. There is so much waiting involved with sending your work out.

I have a five-section poem that I’ve been revising that probably needs one more round of revision. After that I should be comfortable with moving the poem into my electronic FINISHED! file. Revision on this poem has been interesting because I’ve encountered a conflict between what is factually true versus what’s the most poetic way of saying something. If I add a line to remain true to the facts, it slightly undermines the eloquence of the poem. The poem is better without that extra line. I’ve used a lot of facts elsewhere in the poem, so I think I am obligated to continue working with the facts. I’ll just have to come up with a better line or learn to live with the factual line I’ve already written.


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