Thursday, July 06, 2006

I received yesterday a rejection from the New England Review.


White Rose

The sundrenched beetle with a rainbow on it back
splayed and luxuriating on he wide white petal—
is that what our life could be?

Us, arms outstretched, prone
and petaled on a pillowed world?

Starved and drowning, I kneel to gather
white petals the wind has scattered.

--Elizabeth Spires


The Necktie

His hands fluttered like birds,
each with a fancy silk ribbon
to weave into their nest,
as he stood at the mirror
dressing for work, waving hello
to himself with both hands.

--Ted Kooser


A successful poem has all the best words in the very best places under the best circumstances. A poem is a little machine of words that’s meant to do some work of persuasion or communication.

--Ted Kooser


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